Meet the team

We’re a diverse group of creatives—a talented photographer, equestrian enthusiast, cat lovers, jewellery makers and super mums. There’s never a shortage of lively conversation among us. 


Emma lindsay

A businesswoman, mother and crazy cat lady, Emma took her over a decade-long experience in the marketing industry and injected it into her very own business. Then she put a twist on it. After getting rid of the gimmicky sales pitches, she opted for offering services with the sole focus of building authentic relationships with her clients so they could do the same with theirs.

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Senior Marketing Consultant

Eimear boyle

Eimear (pronounced Ee-mer), originally from Ireland, is our resident coffee enthusiast and mastermind in strategy creation. Equipped with a business degree and seasoned with marketing experience from the corporate world, she brings a unique and creative twist to everything she does. Her approach blends traditional business acumen with innovative marketing tactics, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

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Graphic Designer

Helen stewart

When Helen isn’t designing in the office, she’s at home working on her art. So basically she just lives, breathes and sleeps creativity. If she was a dart player, she’d probably never miss. That’s how good we reckon she is at listening to a clients vision and turning it into a reality. Whether it’s a logo, advertisement or a whole brand plan, she’s sure to hit the bullseye.

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Marketing Consultant

Anna Kirkwood

When we say Anna is full of talent, we aren’t joking. An absolute marketing whizz, she does everything from content creation to paid ads, website work and everything in between. While she only works with us part time, we soak up every minute we get with her!

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Design & Marketing Coordinator

Kyra Gray

Kyra, our team’s visual virtuoso with a keen eye for both photography and design. Her ability to capture and create stunning visuals transforms ordinary concepts into extraordinary experiences. With her artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail, Kyra ensures that every project she touches not only looks impeccable but also resonates deeply with its intended audience.

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Jane of all Trades

Tania conner

If she isn’t soaring through payroll admin, sprinting around the shops for supplies or getting cake that meets all our dietary requirements, she’s filling in the gaps everywhere else. Our very own Jane of all trades, she really does do it all.

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Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so... get on your way!

– Dr Seuss