promotional material

If you’ve got a website for your business, you’ve set up your social media accounts and you’re running Google Ads, first of all — give yourself a big old pat on the back. These marketing must-haves are hugely beneficial when it comes to connecting with your audience, building trust, and then convincing them that what you have to offer is exactly what they’re missing in their lives. While we don’t want to take away from that and how pleased we are that you’re onto it in that department, we do have to talk about promotional material. Let’s just say it’s a big one.

Whether you’re a start up business or an established entrepreneur looking to have a bit of a rebrand, having the right promotional material is the best way to keep your business in the back of people’s minds and at the front of them when they need a service or product you can provide. The bottom line is, your brand isn’t complete until you have the tools to sell it. 

Business Cards

They’re one of the most used types of promotional material on the planet and there’s good reason for it! Having your logo on a business card works to legitimise you as a business owner, it creates brand awareness, and of course, it’s a great place to put your contact details for whenever you’re at a networking event or meeting a client for the first time. While it may very well end up at the bottom of someone’s handbag or briefcase, we guarantee by the time they find it again it will act as a little reminder of the meeting or encourage them to give you a call and reconnect. 

Notepads, Invoices and Envelopes

There’s nothing more professional than having all of the above stamped with your logo. Whether you’re sending information out to people, thanking them for doing business with you or handing out a notepad for a client’s fridge, having your brand displayed loud and clear on the front is a great way to make your mark and become a business that is memorable. 

Business Flags

If you’re a business that loves getting out and about in the community, attending industry-related events or need something a little extra special in your building’s foyer, a flag with a promotional purpose is a fantastic way to build brand recognition and get noticed. Especially if you’re in a position where you need to stand out from the crowd (and your competitors!). 

Brochures, Posters and Flyers

Again, if you’re a bit of a sucker for an industry event or show, having information presented in an eye-catching and enticing way that people can take home with them really is a must. You might have had a good chat with someone and they want to take something away from that to read in their own time, or you’re wanting to build momentum for an upcoming event or deal — brochures, posters and flyers are the way to go. They also come in handy when kept at your reception desk for customers who want to know more about your services.

Car and Shopfront Signage

Nothing stands out quite like some bold signwriting. We’ve all seen that same fleet of vans driving around town that have a logo on them you just can’t get out of your mind — and that’s exactly why we do it. The same goes for a shopfront, how are people supposed to know where you are if you don’t have your branding on the building to lead the way?

You get the point. Promotional material is crucial to establishing your brand and getting seen among the sea of businesses in your industry. The good news is, we can design and organise all of the above for you. We also work with a whole bunch of amazing local businesses to bring your ideas to life. Just ask!

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