In Real Estate, selling homes is one thing, but selling yourself is a whole other ball game. While marketing plays such a critical role in getting homes on the market noticed, agents also have to work hard to get their name out there. If you’re not a familiar face or haven’t mastered how to build your reputation through marketing, sellers aren’t going to realise the results you can achieve as their go-to agent.


Leanne had a stellar track record when it came to selling homes, an infectious personality and all the real estate knowledge in the world before we came across her. So, naturally, we wanted to help boost her online presence in an effort to support her to become an even more successful agent. After assessing her needs and goals, we created a website and social media platforms to provide a space where she could showcase her listings and allow people to get to know her on a more personal level. 


We set up photoshoots to document her life around her gorgeous farm home, as well as on the job, and shared them with her audience to increase engagement levels. Personal posts paired with listings and real estate advice for buyers and sellers were what led to a bustling digital following that translated into sales out in the field. With Leanne’s career now on an even more upward trajectory, we’re hanging out to see what’s next.