It would be a little odd to talk about some of the businesses we’ve helped grow through marketing without talking about our own, so here we are. Like many of our clients, we started really small. Founder, Emma Lindsay was dreaming up Elm from her home office, and within a year, wound up in her very own, city centre office with three staff, a handful of part-time contractors and some pretty incredible marketing projects on her desk.


We’ve treated our business a bit like our very own guinea pig. Everything we have used to push the success of our clients, we’ve tried and tested. Like any venture, there’s always going to be a handful of flops, but that’s what’s got us to this point. From social media to websites, Google Ads, articles, design, videography and everything you can think of that comes under the marketing umbrella — we’ve done it. The things that have worked have really worked, and we are so chuffed with how far we’ve come. 


With a strong social media engagement rate, incoming referrals and an expanding portfolio of clients, our team is better than ever and we are chomping at the bit to see what’s next for us.