logo design

When you think of product packaging, it’s likely you’re going to turn your mind to its purpose. Of course, packaging is necessary to hold whatever you’re manufacturing or selling. Maybe it needs to be airtight to prevent moisture from getting inside or the product from getting out, or it could be that it needs to be durable and won’t damage during delivery — whatever it is, the functionality of your packaging is a biggie. However, what you’re packaging looks like is arguably just as important when it comes to making it desirable enough for people to want to buy it. 

Logo Design

Before you even think about what your product packaging is going to look like, you need to have settled on your logo design. If it’s not consistent or doesn’t come with a set of brand guidelines, you’re going to struggle to get any recognition in the market. Consider that step one. Once you’ve got that set in stone, the next step is to incorporate that into your product packaging. Having design material that represents your brand and reflects your business’s values means you’ll have far more chance of establishing your brand identity and encouraging customer loyalty.

Digital Marketing

Another thing to keep in mind with product packaging is the type of environment you’re putting it into. Nowadays, you’d struggle to find a retailer that doesn’t have its products online, showcased on one form of e-commerce website or another. Just in case you haven’t noticed, pretty much everything has become digital. While this might be not so great for those who don’t consider themselves to be very tech-savvy, it is great for business owners. The benefits of being able to sell your products online include more marketing opportunities, little need for contact between the buyer and seller, and of course, a wider reach in terms of your target audience. But! If you don’t have the right product packaging, you’re not going to get the traction your pining for. Think of it like a present to your customers.

Packaging Type

How you display the product imagery, copy and even the fine print are crucial, but it’s also about the finer details of your packaging. For example, with an increasing focus on sustainably sourced and created products, the types of packaging you choose to use matter. While a lot of consumers actively seek out sustainable products, it doesn’t mean yours has to be (but we do encourage it!), it just means that you have to consider these kinds of elements of your packaging — as well as its functionality. 

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