marketing analytics

When it comes to marketing, the only place to start is with a marketing strategy. Just like anything else, having a plan is the only way to know what you need to do to get where you’re going. Running a business is all about having your ducks in a row, which is why it is so important to lay out your goals, establish your target market, figure out the best way to communicate with them and then put that into action. A marketing strategy also acts as a reminder for those times when you feel like you’ve lost your sense of direction in terms of how you want to market your business, as well as the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

Putting your marketing strategy together involves carrying out both quantitative research and analysis — numerical measurements of your audience, competitor analysis and what your insights from your existing marketing attempts tell you — and qualitative research and analysis — data obtained through open-ended and conversational communication — to determine where your business sits in the market and how to grow your business effectively.

Communication Strategy

Having a communications strategy is also a big part of this process. Content creation and content marketing are something we hear over and over again, and for good reason. In order to reach your audience and convince them to invest in what you have to offer, you need to be able to understand your target audience, what their pain points are, and how your business can solve their problem. Once you’ve got that sorted, we help you to make use of the content platforms available to you and come up with a plan around what you’re going to post, how often and where.

The Seed Pack

Whether you want marketing for start ups or a total brand refresh, there are a few key steps you need to carry out in order to raise brand awareness and get people to see you as a legitimate business worth investing their time in. To help you do just that, we’ve put together The Seed Pack — an all-encompassing marketing boost to get you up on your feet and hitting the ground running.

The Elm team will work with you to develop your vision and create a logo that highlights exactly who you are as a business and what you’re all about. In addition to this, we’ll build a single-page website that reflects your brand and acts as a launching pad that’ll grow as you do. The pack also includes setting up your Google My Business, as well as Facebook and Instagram accounts to increase your visibility, educate customers on the problem you can solve for them, and encourage them to want to find out more. And to really get you cooking with gas, we’ve included our ebook to help you “Grow Your Business From the Ground Up”. You’ll learn how to build a brand, communicate your message and gain an audience that wants a slice of what you have to offer.

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